I am an adventurous baker, trying out proven, international recipes while adding my own twist to it. You can find all my adventures in the kitchen here. In a bid to take my cooking to the world, I have recently decided to go public and commercial. While I don’t have the international delivery aspect mapped out, I do bake for orders in Sri Lanka. Please feel free to email me should you require any baking done.

However, this blog is not only about the food. It is also about my work (project management services and editing, writing, and translation services) as well as about my experiences as I travel the world.

My work experiences are covered in the Project Management Services page, while my editing, translation, and writing work is written about in the links found in the Editing and Writing Services page. You can contact me for any of these services, by filling out the contact form given below.

I have traveled to 10 countries in the last 14 years (some repeatedly) while juggling full-time studying and work. The blog will also discuss my travels – and my thoughts and experiences while travelling – as well as the amazing food I find on my journeys.

Contact form:


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