The beginnings of an infatuation

The first food item I helped to make was probably Dhal curry, the heart of most Sri Lankan meals. Then I went on to help with coconut sambol, a spicy declicious addition to any meal, and rice. This was when I was about 7, 8 years of age. But my first baking experience was in school, where we were taught to make upside down pineapple gateau, in home science classes. It set my baking instincts on fire, but, puberty hit, I became a rebellious daughter, and refused to enter the kitchen because my mother and I could never cook together.

However, thanks to my lucky stars, I was in a relationship with a chef in my early twenties, and then fell in love with a man who loved to cook, although not a chef. I have a competitive nature, and one that is willing to experiment. The second relationship sparked my desire to cook, and I have never looked back. I have been baking somewhat haphazardly for the past 4yrs, but only started baking consistently in the past 2yrs.  I have made among others, butter cake, chocolate cake (my signature dish), (and have authored one that resembles a lava cake), cupcakes (chocolate and lemon), brownies (which were what I sold for the first time), chocolate mould, affogato, and cheesecake. I have a recipe collection that gives me constant joy, because I spend many hours a week looking through them.

What I will do in this blog, is not hash out what I have created previously, but write about what I prepare each day. I am on a challenge with myself to cook/bake something everyday this week, and if it succeeds, I will be continuing. This week, I have already made lemon cupcakes, affogato, chocolate mould,  and fried ice cream. Tonight, I am planning on making either pasta with roasted vegetables or a pasta salad, depending on what vegetables my mother brings! While tomorrow I will not be able to make any given we are out for both lunch and dinner, on Sunday I will make Dark Chocolate Ravioli for dessert. Will update with progress as and when I make food. Oh and for those of you who are movie buffs, yes, “Julie + Julia” is right.

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