USA April and May 2001

I was 15, freshly vegetarian, and my family decided to go visit my cousins in Baltimore and Minneapolis. Chance of a lifetime, and things fell into place so easily and so beautifully. My parents and I were so organized in our packing, which is weird because this was the first international trip for both my mother and me.  April 18th dawned, and I remember sending out a prayer for a safe journey and a wonderful time in USA, the land of promises.

My cousin brother picked us up from the airport and and the first glimpse of Baltimore was breathtaking. It proved a good indication of how I would feel about Washington D.C, because all I remember from that first ride is how beautiful it was, and how liberating. I still cherish Baltimore as one of the most beautiful places I have gone to, and a place I had the most fun. Museums, aquariums, ice cream, the harbor, New York, and the food.. Bliss and a bit more.

Minneapolis was a little less interesting for me, because it was too much of the family environment for my taste. I am a solitary traveller in my preferences, and can manage at the most, two other people. This was my cousin, her family of three kids and husband, my two aunts, and my parents. I love them to bits, don’t get me wrong. But, I was  a little less comfortable. And the clash was way too much to bear. In Baltimore, I felt as if I was at the hub of  everything. In Minneapolis, the only thing that stuck in my head was the visit to Annapolis. I have a thing for men in uniform 🙂

A month and 5days in USA really taught me much. It opened up international travelling for me, brought me into contact with Starbucks, the ferry, and the metro, helped me understand my travel preferences, and gave me a love of new types of food. That last is of course what has brought me to the Travelling Bakeaholic blog.

One last thing before I wrap up this entry. New York was superb, because, it took me to the UN headquarters, which fueled my life-long desire to work there. I was just entering a development-related mindset, thanks to a beloved social worker at school, and had been thinking of UN as the potential destination in my career, and then to walk in that building and to feel the atmosphere was a dream come true, but also a dream-builder. I created my life around the goal of one day entering the UN. Have not reached it yet, but I have worked diligently towards it. Travelling is truly wonderful, if done right.

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