Desserts galore

As mentioned, last week, we decided to go to the theatre to see a stage drama. This was a local production, about politicians and local politics. Loved by the English theatre-going public of Sri Lanka, this production is now in its 4th stage, and while there was some decrease in the hilarity, is still going strong. This surprisingly inspired in me a desire for dessert.

Giving into this desire, I made cheesecake again and almond cookies (a spin-off of almond macaroons).  The cheesecake was a no-bake version authored by my best friend, and hence, I will not be publishing her secret recipe here. The cookies were made in the normal way with almonds and eggs. The differences lay in the amounts I used, which were one third of what was required and the fact that I crushed the almonds.


I baked the cookies in a cupcake tray, and made them as small as possible. WP_20130611_006

Once baked, it came out as a thin layer of almond-filled slightly-sugary cookie. This is ideal with strong coffee to give a sugar rush, but can also be paired with your favorite ice cream.


Also, given the bite-size portion, it is a quick snack that is easily stored. However, it is advisable to eat it quickly, as it seems prone to breaking due to its size.


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