On people and travelling

Why is it that you sometimes see potential in people and you give them chance after chance but they never step up to the plate? How long can you hold on in the hopes that they will make the move or take the next step? Most importantly how long can you keep excusing them?
People are so hard to decipher. They can be confusing and cute, and they can intrigue you and bore you at the same time. I find people too complicated sometimes.
Traveling, on the other hand, is simple. It’s pleasure and knowledge in one. It opens up a new world. The people I met on my journeys have shown me new facets of humanity as well as reminded me of the known.
My two trips to Nepal are my favorites because of this very reason. The people were friendly and concerned, welcoming my boss and me with open hearts and minds. They lavished attention upon us. They overfed us. In return all they wanted was our happiness.
We had done a crazy trip from Delhi to Agra in a cab, to the Sonauli border in a train at midnight and a cab, and crossed the border on a rickshaw, before being stranded for a few hours till the bus left to Kathmandu. Took us over 2 nights and 2 days and I had not seen the inside of a washroom in over 17hours. It was quite tiring. And we still had a bus ride of over 9hours that would take us to the city at 5 in the morning. Needless to say, we were wondering what we had got into.
In the beautiful hues of the dawn, I saw one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. With long shiny black straight hair cascading down her back and a classic face structure that equally heightened and was heightened by her ivory complexion, she remains to this day the most beautiful woman I have seen.

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