Sri Lanka Fashion and Apparel Awards 2013

As part of my project management work, I took on the management of the British Council side of the Sri Lanka Fashion and Apparel Awards for half a month, due to a staff shortage at the British Council.

The project was a competition for promising designers and a space for them to launch/showcase their designs. I was wading through applications, photographing samples, making folders with all the data and shared samples, and liaising with the Academy of Design for a week to create order out of the chaos.

The event was divided into the judging process (which finished on the 14th) and the awards night. The judges included Shreela Ghosh (Director ARTS- South Asia of British Council), Jane Gottelier, Professor Wendy Dagworthy, and Roy Peach.

The project was quite interesting because of the sheer number of people involved, which led to some fraught nerves and shouting matches. Each decision was hotly debated. Made for some interesting times 🙂

The designs were amazing! The experience was truly inspirational, and completely changed my view of fashion! And the students at AoD were absolutely delightful, making friends with us, and even throwing me a birthday party of sorts on the 14th. The long hours of work and the stresses washed away with that, and the project was very successful.

The project also gave me a chance to prove my capacity to my “boss” and friend Natalie. I am lucky to have impressed her. The first weeks of chaos were easily turned around to manageable portions with to-do lists (my most favorite thing in the world!), discussions, and sticking with each other through thick and thin. Was a good experience overall.

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