Social Canvas 2014

The third project with British Council, Social Canvas was about art in public spaces. The process started with a call for applications from talented artists, interior designers, advertising professionals, etc. They were then selected based on their portfolios and possible contribution, and grouped into teams, led by creative thinkers and professionals in the varied fields of photography, digital innovation, design, etc. These teams came together for 4 days to brainstorm and workshop art installations in public spaces, and they had to then present it to corporate companies that would sponsor these installations.

The team behind the event consisted of talented, independent people who were hellbent on getting the project off the ground and successful. I played a somewhat secondary role, making sure that the team worked well and on time. So you could see me with a to-do list (88 items at the start, mind you!) going from person to person, and marking their responses on where they stood with the work.

The creative ideas were truly mind-boggling, and as was expected, highly energizing. I have come to love working with the ARTS department thanks to their innovative and creative ideas. The event itself faced a lot of mishaps, stressors, and shocks, and by the end, we were all looking to finish somehow. But, the outcome has made all of us extremely happy, and I, personally, am looking forward to the art installations being set up in Sri Lanka.

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