A week of baking – trials and successes

I have been baking quite determinedly this past week. Started with brownies from a new recipe last Tuesday, another batch from an old recipe on Thursday coupled with mini orange cupcakes, and ending with Yorkshire pudding and Baked Alaska yesterday.

The first batch of brownies was super easy. It was a recipe from Malini’s Kitchen, and it took very little time (approximately a little over an hour of prep and baking). It came out quite nicely:


I used 50g less sugar than asked for, but people loved it, saying it was the perfect amount. I dusted some icing sugar over it at home, but that was only for a few pieces, so the comments were not affected by the icing sugar.


Then, I went onto an older recipe, but that didn’t work out equally well. This time, I used chocolates (Ritzbury dark as well as normal cooking chocolate) and coffee, thus increasing its cost, reducing its efficiency. And apparently, its quality too, because the crust did not come out right and neither did the consistency. It was a little too soft and gooey, and the taste kept changing by the day. Also, the cocoa powder seemed too overpowering. So, obviously, this recipe will not be used in orders.

I made some mini cupcakes too that day. They didn’t have the icing, which I have been told will add more flavor. So, in my next batch, that is what I will do. These were meant to be lime cupcakes, but I substituted oranges for lime. What needs to be remembered is to add a substantial amount of orange juice especially if the orange is a bit watery. 



Finally, yesterday I made Yorkshire pudding from a recipe that was supposed to make it easier. But the puddings didn’t come out the way I expected it. It burnt a bit on top but was not burnt in the middle. Comparing my recipe to another on the web, I noticed that mine was lacking some steps. So I put the bad lot down to that, and made Baked Alaska. With a few tweaks, this recipe, from the same collection as the Yorkshire pudding recipe, can be used. It was fairly easy to make, and can be done quite fast. I did not freeze – except for 30mins – between layers, so I finished within 1.5 hours.


These were all trial runs because I am looking at expanding my baking to a full-time business and need to figure out which recipes work, which are cost effective, and which are quick. I will keep doing this in the coming week, so stay tuned. 

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