Santa’s Little Helper :)

Yesterday, I had a friend do the baking. She wanted some baking experience, and I was happy to help out. So with my guidance, she made brownies, this time from my best friend’s recipe. There were a few mishaps with the sugar that kept me running for the dustpan, but overall, it was a good experience, one that I would love to repeat. And it kept me busy the entire day, which is also a good thing! 🙂

We had got a sample from Salome (best-friend/recipe provider), and throughout, I kept comparing the two. Not the best of things to do, but did achieve the purpose.

I was on measuring duty, while Kalani was on beating and pouring duty. Here she is, tentatively beating the butter, sugar, and cocoa.


Once the concoction was made, Kalani poured it into a buttered and floured pan, and I set about leveling it. Once done, in it went to be baked for 40mins.


The next business on the agenda was to get the glaze prepared. And once the brownies came out of the oven, the two of us had major fun applying the glaze.

10565228_10153065842757646_5614117501740106324_n 1381203_10153065842997646_6808289550154380808_n



Coated it to high heavens, and kept it aside for a while. Had the brownies a few hours later, and it tasted quite yummy. Of course, we were quite high by the time we finished making the brownies, because we had been eating the corners and the little crumbled bits. The two of us just sat at the table in front of the brownies and could NOT focus on anything!

10606234_10153065843587646_6868472736372670681_n 10458655_10153065843322646_2208227453881965597_n 

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