Cheers to a new beginning!

Starting your own business is a massive undertaking. Gone are the days when I would wait around for clients to find me, keeping it simple. Now, I am all about social media. In the past week, I have been frantically creating, combining, posting, and assessing media, and have become quite good at cross-posting and on the little “nitty-gritty” stuff. 

Here is what I have been up to since I made the decision to make it on my own on 13th August 2014. Set up an FB page, separated my WordPress posts according to topic, approached printers for packaging, did a week of trial runs of baked goodies, checked out the competition, linked all my accounts to each other, started networking, and created my business cards and got one set printed. Looks amazing, thank you Natalie! The other will be available on Wednesday, 27th. 

But the best thing is, I have had so much fun! Even when I was pulling out my hair in exasperation at software that was not working or any of the multitude of things that did annoy me, I was still having fun. And that is a great thing – at the end of the day when you give your fullest and enjoy it, you are doing something good for yourself. Fingers crossed that this will continue!


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