On Twitter

The favorite of many, the worry of some.

I have a Twitter account, but I rarely post. At least, rarely posted until I linked this blog with my Twitter account. So now, my Twitter followers (there are a few, I am always happily surprised to see!) get a little dose of what I post here. Which, for me, is fine for now but it is not ideal. I do not like repeated content, where the only content that has been posted is second-hand from somewhere else.

I know this cardinal rule, and I agree. Problem is, I do not have a solution. Why? Because I do not know what I want my Twitter to be.. I don’t know what I want to be on Twitter. Sacrilegious, you say? Yes, I agree. Unbelievable, you think? Of course! But sadly, there it is.

I know who I am on every other platform. On this blog, I am a baker, a traveler, and a professional editor and project manager. Some of my caps are compartmentalized and showcased here. On Facebook, I am the fun, social me. On blogger, I am the socially conscious consultant and advocate-for-the-causes-I-believe-in me. On Pinterest, I am still the traveler and foodie, looking for the pictures that send me on gastronomical highs and to travel heavens. But on Twitter, nary a tweet! I am stumped. I am lost. I got nothing. Zilch. Nada.

So, I stay quiet. I watch. I mess around with the settings. And then, I let it be. Bothers me. But I let it be. Then I pray that I will find my voice on Twitter, at least for a chirp if not for a tweet. 😉

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