Checkered cake in the tomboy cake style

Sound different? I agree! And yet, quite delicious!

I wanted to be adventurous after a while, and decided to try out something I had not even heard of. So after about 2 days of research, I decided on the checkered cake, and made it with butter cake (I didn’t have some ingredients for sponge cake. If I had, I would have made the sponge cake as the base)

Took me a while because it was slightly more complex but after all that freezing and heating and whatnot, I had a beautiful two-layer cake for icing. 

WP_20140901_002 WP_20140901_004


Then I decided to go even deeper into the adventure, and did it in the tomboy style.

This was the result:

WP_20140901_007 WP_20140901_005

This is how it looks when cut:

WP_20140901_008 WP_20140901_009

The cake was really yummy. Soft and moist in one layer, slightly harder in the other, and the icing just divine. 

Think I might make this for my birthday this Sunday..

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