I Like My Whiskey Neat

This author is constantly exceeding my expectations!

Thisuri Wanniarachchi

What if I couldn’t live by the stereotypes?
What if I don’t want to get caught in the wave,
I don’t want to get on that boat.
What if I just want to stand my ground and say my story as it is?
What if the world just isn’t ready, but maybe someday they will be.
What if I don’t want to drink wine like a lady should,
What if I like my whiskey neat?

Death threats to my pen, while the murderers roam free.
The struggle isn’t a hobby it’s a duty, a responsibility.
The fight is important; only a few believe.
Is it really freedom if only the corrupt are free?
Happiness in the palace while the slums cry to sleep.
I write for the little ones,
I fight for the little ones, the ones who can’t breathe,
Their air stolen,
Their hearts broken,
Politicians promises are last…

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