Sole ventures

Those of us who are workaholics should consider going into business for ourselves. It does come with risks, of course, but so does everything else. The advantage we have is that we like working, we want to work.

Going into business means constantly being on top of your game. It means marketing, networking, late nights, early mornings, and continued focus on your work. Every thing is an opportunity. Every thing is a business deal.

This can translate into stress for sure, but it is offset by the opportunity to take a break when you need it, and the money that keeps increasing based on your dedication helps!

All you need to do is get your market research done and be efficient. And no, efficiency doesn’t mean you hop around like bunnies, it means you do what is needed with speed and precision.

This is a simplified post, not a comprehensive one. Just remember, your hard work pays off, and you make profits for yourself. You set the rules, you decide the holidays. One of the things I love best about working for myself is that I get to spend time with my loved ones whenever needed. I balance the work and my personal commitments and I don’t waste time.

That’s the other advantage of working for yourself. You know the value of time and learn to maximise it. Productivity increases. You learn to balance commitments. You find efficient ways to work. You learn what is important and what is not. Most of all, you are not stuck in someone else’s time frame..

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