Marketing and the seven sins (Alok Ranjan)

Was going through some articles on LinkedIn, one of my favorite pastimes in the social media world, and I found this gem:

In my more annoyed moments (after an onslaught of advertisements and in-your-face marketing), I have thought that marketing should be banned, that it should be illegal to have so much noise on TV, radio, and even the roads. I understand the importance of branding, sales and marketing, but that has never made me a believer of false advertising and exaggeration of the effects of a product. Not everyone can be the market leader, but if marketing is to be believed, every company is.

In my own writing, I have attempted at all times to steer clear of such deception. And mostly, I have succeeded. With that attitude in mind, I am sharing this for the benefit of the customer as well as the company. Hope you enjoy the article!


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