Generations X and Y

I was recently talking to a colleague about generations X and Y (aka Millennials). He, being an employer belonging to the older generation, was quite impressed with the Millennials. According to him, this lot are forthright, to-the-point, and take no nonsense from anyone. He gave examples of young people who are blazing trails in the marketing d branding fields with new ideas.

I belong to this age group, ad yet I wonder if I share their characteristics. I know when someone is talking through their hat but I was raised in such a way that we never called their bluff. We smiled and walked away. Also, we tried really hard to make everyone’s lives easier. I have always been a firm believer of doing the best for others. This is probably why I went into social service, where I spent ten years volunteering and basically being the girl in the background wearing black so that she would not be seen. I am not used to (intentionally) hurting people and do my best to be a dutiful daughter even when my desires do not coincide. This is how I was raised, and it looks like I was raised with the morals of an earlier generation.

However, the takeaway message then for me and others like me is that we have the potential to be similar to these trail blazers. We just need to make our way out from under that Victorian (insert the particular era) rock we were under.

It is our duty to be the best version of ourselves, and we have the capacity to do so being extremely polite and mindful. I would say that was the best way to be. There are lessons to be learned from the trailblazers and those lessons must be tempered with the positive aspects of our own upbringing. Hail Gen-Y!

P.S.: More on the topic, this time on Generation Z:


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