Tug-o-war between employer-employee

Isn’t it fascinating that employers still think they can ill-treat their employees?
In Sri Lanka, you get companies exploiting their staff. (Yes it happens abroad too, but I know about SL the best, so can say so with authority.) They hire staff who are well qualified, get them to do all jobs including those not necessarily in their pay grade and much below their expertise level, because the employee doesn’t want to pay for another person to handle the menial details. I’m not trying to belittle certain jobs, I’m merely saying that it is best if people do the jobs they are hired to do and not everything because it creates a sense of exploitation and dissatisfaction. Imagine if you hired an engineer and then sent him to photocopy your letters or rearrange the furniture in the office? Kind of like that. We all do everything every so often, it’s needed, but that doesn’t mean that you hire someone with expertise to do the little things all the time. Experts need to have their minds free to focus on the things they have expertise in. Anyway, long digression aside, people are exploited.
I know of companies that underpay their qualified staff, who borrow money from their staff for petty cash needs and don’t reimburse on time, who do not pay commissions at the right time, and who only give raises of about 7000 for 2 years even though the qualifications have changed.
I don’t understand where they get off! They don’t realize the value of their employees. They pay a pittance and expect the poor employee to work ungodly hours/shifts and also do everything. Then if the employee asks for a raise, he has to justify and beg and plead like he was asking for some massive favor from the employer himself. It’s his right to be paid well, it is not the generosity of the employer!
Ah, Sri Lanka! When will you learn!


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  1. Very good thoughts. Also Under the law employers are responsible for health and safety of their employees too. I have seen many times employers full focus is sucking the last drop of blood from employees and they never think of employees satisfaction. Employer has a ‘duty of care’ to make sure, as far as possible, our health, safety and welfare while you’re at work. I have noticed sometime employees has to beg for medical insurance facilities from the company. If any company won’t pay petty cash on time, and commissions for highly successful sales personnel, you should serious think of escalating this to the directors level . I strongly believe good employees should leave without serving such stupid and corrupted organizations.


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