Let interest in your brand come organically! Tips for increasing traffic to your site.

Lots of clients who come to me for content creation discuss key words with me, and insist on having it in abundance. They want content in a certain way, and will tell me things such as “information that is for the general public is not relevant to my site and me”. Fine, I hear you loud and clear. But  do you?

Thing is, content creation is an ever changing area and what worked yesterday may not work today. Take the case of Google’s search engine. Yes, that all-important search engine ranking that drives our content needs. It changes. It has changed. And it will continue to change. Key words are now not the only way to drive up traffic. Read about it here.

Secondly, let’s talk about thought leadership. Thought leaders are influencing market decisions in significant ways. Think not? Take Oprah. She and her interviewees shaped what we bought and how we thought for many years (and sometimes, continue to do so). That is opinion and thought leadership at its best (and yes, there are people ruining this concept by calling themselves thought leaders without actual experience or knowledge). Take this article for instance: it deals with why and how one becomes a thought leader. Don’t the points resonate with you? Do you see how they affect you? You must have the following of many customers, and the endorsement of a few legitimate thought leaders. Just like you advertise with known personalities playing lead roles, let them or others like them endorse your product online. They will persuade a new clientele for you.

And if you can’t get that endorsement? Create content that is user-generated. This links back to the first article about content creation. This method is now fast becoming popular, due to the changes with Google. Increase social media presence and links in and out of your site. That is organic growth. If you can get someone to come to your site through following you, or your blog, or through other connections you have made online (forums that allow links back to your social media sites), you are well on your way to leading the competition.

There are many subtle ways to get that traffic to your site. Talk to your content officer today, and see what works best for you and your company.

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