The enjoyable bank

Recently, I went to the bank to pay my convocation fees. I was getting my Master’s degree the following week. I walked in, went to the place with the deposit slips and start filling out the slip. In comes a youngish man, comes near me, and stand watching over my shoulder. It was obvious he was after the pen to fill the slip too but I really didn’t think he had to watch me write mine. After scowling pointedly at him, I got back to writing and finished very fast, and moved towards where the line was.
Now, there were two people writing out their slips (the over-the-shoulder guy included) just next to the last person in the line (the line was going slightly to the right, not straight). If I stood there one person’s elbow would keep connecting with me and I thought best to give them some space to finish their work in peace and moved towards the door. Mind you, this a very small branch, tiny, like a little cubicle, so if you stand near the door, you are directly opposite the cashier. I thought this would be fine and I wouldn’t be in anyone’s way. The security guard saw me and told me to join the queue. I pointed to the two guys writing and smiled. He smiled and looked away. That made me hesitate and I thought I’ll move in a little closer. Just then, both the writers finished and jumped into the queue, completely cutting me out. They had seen me finish before them but no, they just joined the line! So I had to join after them and wasted more time standing in the queue.
Of course, if I had stood in the original queue this wouldn’t have happened to me and that’s what the guard was trying to tell me to do. But I didn’t want to because I thought it would be nicer to give them space. Also, I really didn’t want to be squashed between two strange men. But it seems that if you want something done, getting squashed is what you need to do.
Sri Lankans have no sense of personal space. They believe that your space is their space and have no qualms about standing over you or even on you. They are also very sexual, I think. If they are not standing pressed against some complete stranger, they do not feel fulfilled. The only way to survive in the island is to forego your personal space and rub up against people!!


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