Supporting your colleagues

The corporate world is cutthroat competition and it requires you to do things you would not be proud of (if you are a decent human being). This is understood. Disliked, but understood.  My male colleagues talk about this often: how deals were struck and what they had to do. It saddens me.

I have a different experience to share.  I have found women big supporters of other women. Most of my business has come in because of my female friends. They have been supportive, sending me contacts and opportunities. They have got me involved in their projects. They have talked me up to their contacts. In short, I have found my female colleagues accommodating and supportive of their female friends. Never have I felt that they have talked down to me. Also, they provide massive emotional support. This is true not only for me but for many in my network. The number of times women have appreciated another woman’s talent is heart warming.

I am not contrasting them against men as a gender. I am merely appreciating women because I see their value and their worth. And it truly is a blessing to have women friends.


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