Funny haircuts and whatnot

A few months back, I went to my normal salon to get a hair cut. I have been going to this salon for donkey’s years now, and I have usually been very satisfied with their hair trimmings and cuts and styles. In fact, they were the salon to give me my first short hair cut some 4 years ago. (Yes, I had curly hair to my hip). I was absolutely thrilled with that hair cut and kept going back once or twice a year to get that same cut.

This time when I went, I did so because I had been getting severe headaches from pinning my hair back in ponytails as a response to the extremely warm weather. I had suffered those monstrous headaches for a week lying in bed unable to do anything else, and I finally said “this is enough” and trudged off to the salon one evening (no way was I going anywhere in the heat of the afternoon!).

Alas, that hair cut was not to my liking. I told her to make it short, I said shoulder length but with layering (all words I had learnt from this salon) and I waited while she snip snapped around my head. Once it was done and I had a look, I had a feeling it was a little too short and I was a bit disappointed. But, it was not till the next morning that I realized the extent of the damage. It was extremely short. In fact, I looked like this, I kid you not!

pinterest featherless chicken

I bore it with as much good grace as I could muster. After all, I had wanted short and this was short, so I did not have to pull it back in a ponytail, so mission accomplished. But then, when it started growing, it looked like a mushroom with the sides blooming away from my head! So, I ended up looking like this:

You could find me trying to pat down the hair every so often because I could see it spreading like a parachute. In fact, I still do although the hair has grown downwards a bit.

Needless to say, I will be extremely careful who I go to next time. Given that my regular service person is no longer at the salon, I am in the market for a new place. And I fervently hope that the next will return my hair to its former glory!


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