Match Highlights: Giants vs. Puny Thing

On Thursday, 16th March, the much-awaited annual match between the Giants and Puny Thing took place at Ratmalana. A heated match, the objective for the Giants was to catch the other team member while the objective for that team was not to be caught. The following is an excerpt from the match.


“The mother and daughter team (of the Giants) run after Mimi de Cat, the single member on the Puny Thing team. de Cat feints to the left, and Daughter lunges. In the space offered, de Cat streaks past her on the right, to be faced by Mother. But, Mother is a gentle Giant, so de Cat seizes the opportunity and runs farther. Daughter is in hot pursuit, and it looks like she will catch de Cat, she jumps, but, no, she misses!!!!

You could see that Daughter hesitated. She slowed down at the end. I think that will come up in the review after the match. Why did she hesitate? Did she not want to trample de Cat? We look forward to hearing the justification for why she did not use full force.

But here they are again, now de Cat is under the sofa! Daughter is pushing the chair with all her might but it is too heavy for her to lift. You can see her frustration, and she is clearly  on the losing side in this match. Mother also gets in on the action, and covers off one exit while Daughter guards the other. But they are no match for the cunning de Cat, wo runs out from the middle. Oh, Daughter slips, but no, she gets up again and is off like a shot after de Cat. But, what is this, de Cat does a 180-degree turn and runs back from under Daughter’s grasp, but this may be the last hurrah, because she now has nowhere to go!! Yes! She has realized her reign of terror has ended! She has slowed down, she is now not moving. And here goes Mother, who scoops up de Cat, and that’s the end of the match, folks! It’s a victory for the Giants, but oh at what cost!!! Daughter looks like she has been through the wringer! And what an unexpected victory too, I did not think they would win, but they have.

And off they go, de Cat in a box, to the vet for her annual vaccinations. We will see you again next year, folks. Till then, adieu!


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