Love thy work like thy life

I was recently hired to manage some projects spanning varied interests such as the arts, documentaries, and mental health. Some panned out and some didn’t, but I was once again reminded of how much I loved the work I do.

Different clients, different ways of handling projects, and different requirements meant that I was able to change my approach and do things in so many ways. And I love running after photographers holding onto their equipment as much as getting down and dirty measuring location spaces in gardens and halls alike. I am a hands-on manager, and love getting involved in decision making as much as the nitty gritty. No job is too mundane or too small for me so that I end each day having dragged every single minute to the fullest and having pulled so much out of my hat. This is a good feeling and leaves my client without things to worry about. Isn’t that what we project managers are hired to do? I enjoy making my clients’ lives easier, and i end up getting so much satisfaction out of working.

I did not win all the projects I bid for, but that’s ok. You win some, you lose some, but if you learn something new in the process or at least are reminded that you love your job (like I have been reminded) I think you have won in the long run.


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