December charity – Positive Women’s Network

Positive Women’s Network is gearing up for its annual donation of school material to its young members and are looking for people to support this event.

They are looking for donations (accepting money/150 items or part thereof) for the following:


Exercise books (single ruled, double ruled, square ruled, botany, and non ruled of 80 pages, 120 pages, 160 pages, and 200 pages)

CR books (of 80 pages, 120 pages, and 200 pages)




Glue sticks

Mathematical sets

Bristol boards

Foot rulers

Color pencils

Pastel pencils

Drawing books

Small scissors

Dimai papers


Bags (pre-school, and grades 1 – 13)

Water bottles (pre-school, and grades 1 -6)

Lunch boxes (pre-school, and grades 1 -6)

Bed sheets – for households – double sized


In cash contributions

Food (for children and parents)

Stationery material from the office for organizing the event

If you would like to donate or help out at the event, do contact me for more information.


On editing…

Editors are a misunderstood lot. People think editing is the addition of missing commas, question marks, and other punctuation marks. They say just a quick edit. A look at the grammar maybe. It won’t take you long will it?

Thing is, yes it will. Not because we are bad at our jobs, but because we are good at it. We give YOUR piece of writing more than a cursory glance. Of course, we look for missing punctuation marks, punctuation errors, grammatical errors, and mistakes of all types. But we also look at the overall style, voice, flow, relevance to the topic, the clarity of the points you make, and the length of sentences. We substitute words, we add words, we make sentences more concise and clear. We have a guideline for your document. We follow a certain way of spelling (UK English/American English/Australian English). We look at the context in which you are writing, the country in which you are writing from. We look at what matters to you, in your time, and in your place, and also, to your study or country or organization, or whatever it is that matters to you that requires this document from you. Also, if we write anything for you (we do have to add words or change sentences), we change our own styles to match your style (so you won’t find us using the word brevity (or even eschew) if your “hardest” word is a one-syllable word (and vice versa, mind you!). Also, if there are references, we check that these are done right, all are caught, etc.

These are not the only things we do. We keep a massive list of rules in our heads when we edit. But for now, this should suffice. 🙂

Editing requires great concentration and patience. We are, after all, looking at someone else’s writing and 1. making sense out of that, 2. looking for errors, 3. looking to make the writing even better. It is a fun job, but a stressful one. It is also a professional job. It requires skill, time, focus, energy, and great attention to detail. It is not to be scoffed at or taken lightly. Of course, it can be done if your language skills are up to mark. There will be many who will “edit” (more correctly known as proof-reading) a document. However, true editing is not easy. And it takes years and years, and even then, we appreciate someone else taking a second look. After all, humans are not infallible. If we do not have another editor to take a second look, we ourselves come back to it after a while. So, this is no easy job. 🙂

Years after I received my training, I still wish my early trainers could guide me, there is so much more I want to learn. And I look back, with great respect and gratitude, on the men and women who have taught me all I know and trained me so well (sometimes against my will!). This post is dedicated to them in appreciation.

On Twitter

The favorite of many, the worry of some.

I have a Twitter account, but I rarely post. At least, rarely posted until I linked this blog with my Twitter account. So now, my Twitter followers (there are a few, I am always happily surprised to see!) get a little dose of what I post here. Which, for me, is fine for now but it is not ideal. I do not like repeated content, where the only content that has been posted is second-hand from somewhere else.

I know this cardinal rule, and I agree. Problem is, I do not have a solution. Why? Because I do not know what I want my Twitter to be.. I don’t know what I want to be on Twitter. Sacrilegious, you say? Yes, I agree. Unbelievable, you think? Of course! But sadly, there it is.

I know who I am on every other platform. On this blog, I am a baker, a traveler, and a professional editor and project manager. Some of my caps are compartmentalized and showcased here. On Facebook, I am the fun, social me. On blogger, I am the socially conscious consultant and advocate-for-the-causes-I-believe-in me. On Pinterest, I am still the traveler and foodie, looking for the pictures that send me on gastronomical highs and to travel heavens. But on Twitter, nary a tweet! I am stumped. I am lost. I got nothing. Zilch. Nada.

So, I stay quiet. I watch. I mess around with the settings. And then, I let it be. Bothers me. But I let it be. Then I pray that I will find my voice on Twitter, at least for a chirp if not for a tweet. 😉