An ancient ritual

I married two months ago, in a fun-filled ceremony at my husband's home, with our close family and friends in attendance. It was an efficient wedding, and very small, compared to the shindigs popular in the country now. This is a story from after it. The wedding meant we had to visit relatives, which is... Continue Reading →


Chloe’s Cupcakes

My best friend recently started a cupcakes business, named Chloe's cupcakes. She has always been creative and an excellent baker, and this is a great venture for her. She does some amazing customised cupcakes, so do check out Chloe's cupcakes on FB (Chloe's Cupcakes). Also, she does delivery in the Dehiwala and Colombo areas, so... Continue Reading →

Consolidation of feedback

Thought I will share some of the comments from the lucky persons who got the most recent batches of my Tipsy Brownies. 😉 Angela: Gaaah, soft, melt-in-your-mouth-silky-smooth-sinful-chocolate-nirvana! (November 14)  The brownies were deelish and disappeared in a flash! (November 24) Salome: So good they wont make it all the way home! Yummmm! (November 15) Jaliya: Some... Continue Reading →

Brownies for health

Was researching benefits of brownies, and came across this: I liked it best because I use dark chocolate, but also because it said that brownies can be healthy! Go, brownies! Rainy day here, I would love it if someone made me some brownies! Or maybe I can try this recipe..: Anyone want to come over?... Continue Reading →

Herculean Task No. 1: Bake 300 brownies in 13 hours

Thank the heavens I have two working ovens of different sizes! I was recently asked to bake 300 brownies for an event in Colombo and always up to the challenge, I agreed. The euphoria lasted all of an hour before I started stressing! I had of course been baking for orders for a while now, but never had... Continue Reading →

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