Match Highlights: Giants vs. Puny Thing

On Thursday, 16th March, the much-awaited annual match between the Giants and Puny Thing took place at Ratmalana. A heated match, the objective for the Giants was to catch the other team member while the objective for that team was not to be caught. The following is an excerpt from the match. Commentator: "The mother... Continue Reading →


The joys of writer-hood (with apologies to Buchi Emecheta)

Something I have noticed, continuously, is that when I tell people I am a freelance writer and editor, they are confused. The first question out of the mouths of most people is, so, which paper do you write for? I said writer, not journalist! "I am not a journalist", I want to scream, but in... Continue Reading →

5 year plans in the world of work

Ever since I left full-time work and started on my own, I have been thinking about the pros and cons of in-office work (leaning heavily towards self-employment, of course). Found this article about 5 year plans on a local radio station's FB page: I┬áhave been asked this 5-year plan question by some companies. But... Continue Reading →

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