Let interest in your brand come organically! Tips for increasing traffic to your site.

Lots of clients who come to me for content creation discuss key words with me, and insist on having it in abundance. They want content in a certain way, and will tell me things such as "information that is for the general public is not relevant to my site and me". Fine, I hear you... Continue Reading →


Generations X and Y

I was recently talking to a colleague about generations X and Y (aka Millennials). He, being an employer belonging to the older generation, was quite impressed with the Millennials. According to him, this lot are forthright, to-the-point, and take no nonsense from anyone. He gave examples of young people who are blazing trails in the... Continue Reading →

Marketing and the seven sins (Alok Ranjan)

Was going through some articles on LinkedIn, one of my favorite pastimes in the social media world, and I found this gem: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/7-deadly-sins-digital-marketing-alok-ranjan In my more annoyed moments (after an onslaught of advertisements and in-your-face marketing), I have thought that marketing should be banned, that it should be illegal to have so much noise on TV, radio,... Continue Reading →

December charity – Positive Women’s Network

Positive Women's Network is gearing up for its annual donation of school material to its young members and are looking for people to support this event. They are looking for donations (accepting money/150 items or part thereof) for the following: Stationery: Exercise books (single ruled, double ruled, square ruled, botany, and non ruled of 80 pages,... Continue Reading →

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