Tug-o-war between employer-employee

Isn’t it fascinating that employers still think they can ill-treat their employees?
In Sri Lanka, you get companies exploiting their staff. (Yes it happens abroad too, but I know about SL the best, so can say so with authority.) They hire staff who are well qualified, get them to do all jobs including those not necessarily in their pay grade and much below their expertise level, because the employee doesn’t want to pay for another person to handle the menial details. I’m not trying to belittle certain jobs, I’m merely saying that it is best if people do the jobs they are hired to do and not everything because it creates a sense of exploitation and dissatisfaction. Imagine if you hired an engineer and then sent him to photocopy your letters or rearrange the furniture in the office? Kind of like that. We all do everything every so often, it’s needed, but that doesn’t mean that you hire someone with expertise to do the little things all the time. Experts need to have their minds free to focus on the things they have expertise in. Anyway, long digression aside, people are exploited.
I know of companies that underpay their qualified staff, who borrow money from their staff for petty cash needs and don’t reimburse on time, who do not pay commissions at the right time, and who only give raises of about 7000 for 2 years even though the qualifications have changed.
I don’t understand where they get off! They don’t realize the value of their employees. They pay a pittance and expect the poor employee to work ungodly hours/shifts and also do everything. Then if the employee asks for a raise, he has to justify and beg and plead like he was asking for some massive favor from the employer himself. It’s his right to be paid well, it is not the generosity of the employer!
Ah, Sri Lanka! When will you learn!


Because tomfoolery is more entertaining…

It is a pity that Sri Lanka is not bothered enough to develop itself. We focus so much of our airtime on politicians and entertainers, we forget that there are other segments we should hear from.
Our TV channels are chockablock with programmes questioning politicians. Fine, they are needed, agreed. A good political debate is essential to see where the country is being taken. But wat happens in Sri Lanka is name calling, ball-passing (much worse than the ball passing of even the Bush administration!) and overall tomfoolery. They are taking the people for a ride. The thing is that most politicians in our splendid isle are uneducated, uninformed, misogynistic fools who talk big and deliver nothing. A discussion between two or three such will be utter nonsense! And yet that is the most popular discussion on TV.

No, I’m mistaken, the most popular would be chat sessions with local entertainers where they rival the politicians. I swear, they give the politicians a good run for their money (and politicians have so much money stolen from the rightful owners, the people of the country they say they are serving). The entertainers bray and cackle and people call in to ask how they felt when their single became a seller. Nonsense number 2.

In this mêlée, TV channels forget to have a meaningful discussion with the innovators, the creative thinkers, the predictors and the scientists of the country. Are they not important? Some channels carry discussions with business personnel, which is good, but those mentioned here are not called in. What happened to people like Rakitha, the person who found a cure for HIV? He was recognized by Britain but not by his own country. We had a few media personnel show an interest but after a few news segments, he was forgotten. Read his story here: http://ceylontoday.lk/51-94339-news-detail-lankan-student-discovers-aids-cure-invited-by-british-pm-to-attend-ways.html
Let’s say this is not a cure? Then he must be supported in his endeavors to fine tune and better this solution. And if it is indeed a cure? Then (patent or not) introduce the cure to patients worldwide and bring them out of their torments! These are important things in the world. Why are we hiding them? Why is more attention not given to R&D? Why is innovation and scientific discovery not important? No wonder we are no where near important except as a cheap BPO location. No wonder we have brain drain. (And there are lots of super intelligent people innovating all over the world, having left this homeland of theirs!)

I wish we would have programmes where such innovators and creative thinkers are engaged in discussion about where the country I headed, what is needed, what the are hoping to achieve next, etc., so that we can focus on research and development in the country. We lack innovations. And the ones we have are swept under the carpet or under a pile of news about politicians. We need a good discussion on our technological capacity and our direction.
Pity we are not interested in developing this sector.

Lemon Bars

After many months of not making anything other than brownies, I made lemon bars. Another recipe I found online, (http://ahomemadeliving.com/2013/06/lemon-bars/) it was not too difficult to make. Just follow this recipe, and do not leave it in the oven for longer than necessary. The top became hard and pasty because I left it in. But the inside was soft and juicy 🙂